ExploreAir® LR - Highest capacity. Longest range. Smallest antenna.

Exalt reinvents the all-outdoor microwave radio. Again.

After inventing the world's first all-outdoor microwave backhaul systems with field-replaceable diplexers (ExploreAir, ExtendAir) and the world's first all-outdoor Gigabit-per-second radio system (ExtremeAir), Exalt stepped up to the challenge of designing the world's fastest and longest range all-outdoor systems.

Meet the ExploreAir LR Packet Backhaul System
Operating in bands from 6 – 43 GHz, ExploreAir LR delivers the industry's highest system gain in an outdoor unit, allowing network designers to stretch links farther or minimize antenna expense. And as the only radio system in the industry able to fully utilize an 80 MHz channel - delivering up to 740 Mbps (non-compressed) over a single RF carrier at 512QAM – ExploreAir LR carries more data, farther, than any radio in the world.

Minimize Site Expense. Maximize Site Flexibility.
Some vendors – eager to protect their "big iron" businesses - offer all-outdoor systems for use only in special cases. ExploreAir LR and other Exalt all-outdoor systems can be deployed anywhere – in literally any environment – eliminating the need for environmentally-controlled shelters. Their compact sizes, light weights, and modest power requirements mean that all types of structures – even lighting or utility poles – can be used as deployment locations. ExploreAir LR goes even further, offering:

  • DC power over coax and PoE in the same unit. For cable runs over 100 meters and for maximum electromagnetic immunity, network designers can make use of DC power and a fiber data interface. For cable runs less than 100 meters or for out-of-band management, designers can use the available 10/100/1000BaseT PoE port.
  • The ability to double capacity using a 2+0 XPIC configuration. With the addition of a second terminal, ExploreAir LR supports 1 Gbps in a single channel using separate data streams from each radio or a single data stream when using Exalt's unique Layer 1 capacity aggregation technology.
  • Multiple operating options. The option to maximize system gain, to maximize throughput or to strike a balance between the two.
  • Maximum spectrum utilization. Errorless and jitterless adaptive modulation across the entire QPSK to 512QAM modulation range.
  • Single-unit sparing with the industry's only field-replaceable diplexers. With this capability, network operators can spare an entire band using a single radio and can dramatically accelerate deployment schedules by ordering radio equipment before sub-bands are known.

Made to Handle the Toughest Backhaul Challenge
Beneath the impressive performance statistics, ExploreAir LR is a full-blown carrier-class radio ready for integration into modern Carrier Ethernet and IP/MPLS transport networks supporting HSPA and LTE mobile networks. Featuring an embedded Layer 2 switch, ExploreAir LR supports the full array of QoS, VLAN, and security features including hardware-based 128- and 256-bit AES encryption.

Where ExploreAir LR Fits
With the arrival of the all-IP network, the age of the all-outdoor backhaul radio is upon us. ExploreAir LR is designed for network operators of all types seeking to minimize backhaul Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Network environments and applications include:

  • Edge and aggregation backhaul for LTE, HSPA, and 802.16e mobile networks.
  • Access and backhaul connections for private and public broadband networks, including fixed WiMAX- and LTE-based voice and data networks.
  • SCADA traffic backhaul for utilities (SmartGrid), oil and gas production and pipeline operations, including long-haul backbone links.
  • Public safety and government networks, including LMR, P25, and TETRA backhaul and video surveillance aggregation point backhaul.

To learn more about ExploreAir LR and to discuss your specific backhaul requirements, call your local Exalt representative or Lisa Nguyen at 408-688-0800, or email info@exaltcom.com.

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