All-Outdoor, 24 GHz Ethernet and TDM Microwave Systems for Business-Critical LAN, Voice, Last-Mile, and Small Cell Backhaul Applications

ExtendAir all-outdoor 24 GHz systems are the short-haul, higher capacity companion to ExtendAir 5 GHz systems and the flexible, license-free alternative to ExtendAir Licensed 23 GHz systems. Delivering guaranteed Ethernet throughput and toll-quality voice in urban and suburban environments, these CarrierTDD™-based systems support 200 Mbps aggregate Ethernet throughput and optional native 4xT1/E1. ExtendAir is designed to meet the business critical performance requirements of enterprises, government agencies, and service providers, including small cell-site deployments.

ExtendAir 24 GHz radio systems offer

  • the flexible, license-free operation associated with the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands while leveraging interference free spectrum;
  • unique, single channel operation with up to 200 Mbps aggregate capacity (no need for frequency pair channel plans);
  • single terminal for both ends of the link eliminating the need for preconfigured terminals and reducing sparing costs;
  • single channel multi-radio collocation for hub-and-spoke topologies without self-interference;
  • throughput symmetry control to optimize upstream/downstream traffic requirements;
  • native TDM capability and native Ethernet in the same system, the only radio in its class to offer this capability;
  • very low, constant latency for TDM and real-time Ethernet traffic – as low as 500 µs;
  • advanced data networking features such as QoS, VLAN tagging, and port rate-limiting;
  • a multi-port Ethernet option for repeater, small cell base station connections, or video surveillance IP camera connections;
  • optional NIST FIPS-197 128-bit and 256-bit AES encryption.

The ExtendAir All-Outdoor 24 GHz Lineup
There are three ExtendAir models, each designed to meet a different set of application and deployment requirements.

Maximum aggregate
Ethernet throughput
200 200 200
Maximum TDM capacity - - 4xT1/E1
Base Ethernet throughput
27 27 27
Base TDM capacity
- - 4
# Fast Ethernet ports 1 3 1
Native Ethernet
Native TDM - -
ExaltSync™ collocation
Throughput symmetry
128- and 256-bit AES

ExtendAir All-Outdoor 24 GHz Applications
The ExtendAir all-outdoor 24 GHz radios are designed to serve a wide range of IP/Ethernet and TDM applications including:

  • Mobile backhaul. ExtendAir is the only radio in the category that transports TDM natively (no protocol conversion required), delivering the low, constant latency that TDM systems require. In addition, ExtendAir 24 GHz is ideal for small cell backhaul, providing high capacity and availability plus ease of deployment.
  • IP backhaul for wireless ISPs. ExtendAir's guaranteed throughput and upgradeable capacity provide rock-solid reliability and pay-as-you-grow deployment flexibility.
  • Subscriber access for wireless ISPs. With guaranteed throughput, high interference resistance, VLAN tagging, QoS, and rate limiting, ExtendAir is the best option on the market for managing last-hop access and meeting service level agreements (SLAs).
  • P25 and Land Mobile Radio backhaul. Only native TDM systems like ExtendAir can meet the latency requirements of emergency and field communications systems.
  • Campus connectivity. Support for native TDM ensures toll-quality voice while QoS, VLAN tagging, and rate limiting allow network policies to easily extend across the link, while ensuring the quality of latency-sensitive applications such as VoIP and video.
  • Video surveillance backhaul. ExtendAir's variable throughput symmetry maximizes spectral efficiency in spectrum-limited environments, while collocation ability and optional 3xFE (r5005, rc5005) simplifies dense camera placement challenges and minimizes required equipment.

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