Backhaul makes access work. Every mobile access network needs backhaul, but few mobile phone users are aware of the role it plays. Nor should they be. At Exalt, we believe that backhaul should be invisible – handling all the voice, data, and video traffic that mobile phone users demand without ever affecting their productivity or enjoyment.

From a network perspective, backhaul is the network that carries traffic from the inside edge of the access network – from a cellular base station, for example – to the core of the network or to the “cloud.” Network operators know that in many cases the backhaul network can be as large and complex as the access network itself. Consequently, equipment designed for use in the backhaul network must demonstrate high performance, reliability, and cost-effective operation – and why network operators turn to Exalt repeatedly to meet their backhaul challenges.

Exalt Introduces ExtendAir G2
Up to 370 Mbps, Lowest Cost Per-Bit

Power of 1

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